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January 5, 2015 is a memorable date for Blog English Club. On that date, the blog-based community to learn English was formed. At first, Admins thought that we will going to do English Friday Challenge only.
Then, as time went by, many bloggers were interested in joining the club. Some even volunteered to be mentors or Grammar Nazi. They are Mba Yo, Mba Mikan, Mba Nana and Mba Eva. They are willing to share their knowledge about English to us.
Through Whatsapp Learning Group, we reviewed posts from members on Mondays, learnt about specific English topic on Wednesdays and Fridays are for links submission from all members. As of today, March 2, 2015, the group is already full.
Last Saturday, February 28, 2015, we held the First Meet Up of BEC at Library of Ministry of Education and Culture Republic of Indonesia.
And we are grateful that Mba Ollie Salsabeela, founder of kutukutubuku.com and nulisbuku.com was willing to share her knowledge to us about how to write in English Confidently.
With all supports from our sponsors, Millie Cakery, Party.inc, IdCaster, Home for Passion and James Gwee Success Center, the event was a success. Hopefully this kind of event will be a continously held by us.
For more detail about how the event was, you can read it on our blog: http://englishfriday.wordpress.com and you can see it through this video, as courtesy from IdCaster.
Let's Connect, Learn and Have Fun through Blog English Club.
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  1. Ryan
    Thank you so much IdCaster for the streaming and video. Hope the best for you.
  2. […] membacanya di blog kita: http://englishfriday.wordpress.com dan anda dapat melihatnya melalui video ini, seperti yang sudah di live melalui website […]

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